Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Wind's Place
- 13th of December 2010

The journey has begun! This time I’m not alone.

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The adventure you never had before - 13th of November 2010

How many times did you want to change your life? How many times did you want to do something new? How many times you actually did it?

Even though I don’t know you personally, maybe the things you read below will change your life..

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- 4th of November 2010

About visas - 4th of November 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: “How do you get your visas?” Here’s my answer.

To live and to show. The beginning - 6th of October 2010

This is the beginning of the new era of my life and new life of this website.

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Looking for people - 11th of August 2010

I look for cameramates teammates for movie making.

WindCatcher - 25th of May 2010

Here I go! I kept my promise, I tell and show all the things I have seen, experienced, felt, enjoyed, and suffered from for the last half year: WindCatcher reality cycle about traveling!

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Signs and tests - 12th of April 2010

With almost zero power to carry by backpack I finally made it to Iquitos on the Amazon river. I’m totally exhausted, both morally and physically.

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I am saying thank you - 7th of April 2010
I'm alive, feel good and continue following my way. Thanks for all your words, advices, energy and prayers.
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Fuck! - 26th of March 2010

I got sick really bad.

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I'm still here... - 21st of March 2010

For those who are worried for me: be cool, I’m OK and I’m continuing my adventures.

Gold Rush - 9th of February 2010

Amazon trip. Gold rush. My dream came true.

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Latest news - 6th of January 2010

Here’re the last news from South America.

Once on the equator - 3rd of January 2010

Way to the middle of the world...

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