Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Postcards - 31st of January 2009

My dear friends, please do me a favor and respond here those who have already received a post card from me.

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Libyan frontline
- 14th of April 2011

I’m back from the west Libyan front.

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Us. New Year. Egypt. - 21st of January 2011

We are alive and energetic. Despite all kinds of shit difficulties we are on the way to our goal.

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Gold Rush - 9th of February 2010

Amazon trip. Gold rush. My dream came true.

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Latest news - 6th of January 2010

Here’re the last news from South America.

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In the ocean's heart - 26th of December 2009

We found a job in a cruise yacht on Galapagos islands.

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Egypt my Egypt - 23rd of November 2009

The sun again! The blue sky again! Again the sea from one side and the desert from the other one! I’m home again!

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Among my friends - 22nd of November 2009

The most precious thing in this life is the friends. The most interesting thing is new meetings. I met my friends after my around the world trip. Here’s the report.

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Arma. The report. - 29th of August 2009

Lecture on Arma. Sharing the impressions.

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Ernesto-Che - 14th of June 2009

It took him 30 years to grow to Che from Ernesto. He would be 81 today…

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RastaViter - 26th of April 2009

Appearance change came to my mind. The Guy is the one who realizes what he wants :)

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Between 4 and 5 thousand meters of attitude - 24th of April 2009

Cold world. Life between four and five thousand meters on Bolivian Altiplano.

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Dangerous Bangkok - 14th of April 2009

State of emergency was announced in Thailand yesterday. I came here at night. I took these shots this morning near my hotel.

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Knocking on heavens door - 5th of April 2009

Trip down the Altiplano. Part one. Dead end of civilization development. Walking Bare foot down the Sky. Extra terrestrial experience. Unreal reality.

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