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Coming back to you

14th of July 2011

Location: Diver's song
Music: we'll continue tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I made a post here… I’ll try to start everything again.

This blog is outdated from my current life. My last 6 months were pretty busy. I barely was able to take rest between events… Sometimes I even didn’t have for a rest… As soon I finished something and wanted to share it with the whole world the “friendly Universe” sent me a new test)))

Tons of shit happened: I almost died several times… I experienced the biggest betrayal and disappointment in my life… I lost the meaning of the life and then found it again… I broke up with my closest person… I found a new dream… I found true people and got rid of fake ones… I experienced the biggest fear and the strongest emotions in my life… The post I was able to write were made while I was locked up… Maybe I’ll make them public one day, who knows…

Anyway, they say “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger”… I’m just wondering wha ta fook (eternal Chinese questions) is that force for…

Now I want to make the main message of this post ) I’ll attend movie festival in Odessa from July 16 till July 23. I’m ready to let new people in my life) Those who are in Odessa please call me. By the way that will be my first time in the city) So I’ll be glad if somebody could give me a tour of it! My phone is in contacts.

I collected tons of videos/pictures/thoughts… I’ll bring the blog back to life by showing some of the experienced stuff))) I’m glad to be back!

Разместить в ЖЖ

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Katya, Kharkiv
wind has always inspired me, may be I can also fly?