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6th of January 2010

Location: Quito
Music: Street traffic
Mood: go!

Here’re the last news from South America.

We solved all of our problems with the police. They wanted to give us a fine of $3000 but I was able to negotiate on confiscation of the video tapes. I’ve to say we didn’t lose too much since we copied most of the material to the laptop. The funny thing is that we drowned our camera the next day =((( That’s definitely a sign of bad luck and weakened karma…

We decided to relocate to the continent and try to fix it. We spend 3 hours on a speed boat to reach Santa Cruz. Half of that time we were watching passengers throwing up from the boat. It was a real challenge to keep myself calm each time I saw an unlucky guy overhanging from the board and throwing up.

Then we spent two days at the airport until we were seated to Guayaquil. We made stupid mistakes there and almost took a flight to Cuenca instead of Quito. At the very last moment we realized we were in a wrong aircraft :)

Service center guys told us the camera could not be fixed at all. However, the miracle happened and it started working in the evening without any efforts!

Now that means we continue our adventures!

P.S. I’m going to the Amazon in 30 minutes! Naaah, I won’t tell you what for :) Okay, okay, I will. You guys probably remember that I was going to meet squaws and wash gold :))))

Yeaaaaaah!!!!!! Gooooooooolddddd!!!!! :) :) :)

P.S. I don’t have enough time and energy to describe you every detail of the journey. I’ll do that during a break. Here’s a pic so far:

Разместить в ЖЖ

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