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Video editor wanted

7th of November 2011

Location: above the city
Music: street noise
Another vacancy is for a person who knows how to work with video and wants to travel.

Due to the fact that couple terabyte of videos that should be edited have accumulated, Im urgently looking for a video editor. It would be great if he/she could shoot by himself or make 3D graphics.

1) Ability to edit video by himself: build frames in the story with the correct accents.
2) Ability to move from place to place.
3) Creative thinking, adventurous spirit, ability to work hard.

Application + examples of your works send to my email. I will give a test to those who pass the application review part. The best one is going with me to the warm place. I will say later the exact place :)))

P. S. There will be some interesting information for wider audience))) Please, spread this vacancy at your social networks pages. Who knows, what wind will bring you this time ))))

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DuDe, Los Angeles
Done )))