Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Signs and tests
- 12th of April 2010

With almost zero power to carry by backpack I finally made it to Iquitos on the Amazon river. I’m totally exhausted, both morally and physically.

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Ayahuasca. The deep descend. - 19th of February 2009

The toughest adventure in my whole life. The person who went to the journey is not back. There’s a New one.

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Ayahuasca. The first descent. - 18th of February 2009

I’m back. I’m different now. I brought something with me…

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Towards Ayahuasca - 13th of February 2009

I’m in the heart of Amazonia in the middle of jungles. The thing I was going towards is just one step from me. Oh, it’s so tough to take the last step…

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