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17th of December 2011

Location: Wind House, Arambol
This day in: 2008
Home for Travellers everyone can come to..

WindHouse is a place where the roads cross. The House has no constant geographical coordinates, it is a kind of travelling studio, which roams around the world.
Last year WindHouse settled down in Egypt, where during the whole winter my team and me were living, working and receiving guests. This year WindHouse is a large two-storey house in India, Goa. It is located in the small village of Arambol, surrounded by the ocean, palm trees and the sun. My team and me live on the second floor of the house working on various film projects. And the whole first floor is devoted for guests. WindHouse can comfortably accommodate 10 persons at the same time.

You can come to the WindHouse to join the team working on different film projects, or you can just spend here a couple of days on your way to somewhere else.
We are not going to meet you in the airport, arrange sightseeing or serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, but hospitality, pleasant company and masala tea with chapati are guaranteed.
WindHouse is a place where a lot of interesting things happens, unusual ideas come, new interests and goals appear, unexpected acquaintances occur, where people just live interesting lives.
Pleasant, cheerful, adequate people who love to create, to travel and just to live are wanted here.

How to get to WindHouse?
WindHouse is not a hotel, where you can burst in the night without warning and require an apartment . This house takes guests by prior arrangement, as the places are limited.
In order to come to WindHouse you have to send a request to the e-mail windhouse[at] with the subject <<I am going to WindHouse>>. In the letter you have to point planned date of arrival and number of people. This information we need for optimal guests accommodation. If you come without the prior agreement, of course we will host you, but we can not guarantee the comfort.

May be it is the very place you will feel really at home ..
See you at WindHouse!

P.S. we are staying here until April 2012.

WindHouse 2011, Arabian sea coast, India, Arambol

WindHouse 2010 Red Sea coast, Egypt, Hurghada

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