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Looking for people

11th of August 2010

Music: kids are playing on the playground
Mood: summer

I look for cameramates teammates for movie making.

I think I’ve already posted it here that I want to film a motion picture, not XXX one though ))))). I want to shoot a real movie and nominate it for Oscar award. I know that there’s a lot of  f***ing work. And I also know that I can’t do it alone.
That’s why I’m looking for people who are also interested in that as I am. Well, at least 50% as I am )))

I plan to make a short fiction in Northern Africa. At this point of time I’m running the preparation process. I’ve already got funds for that but I also need people:

1) Actress. A lady of 18-25 years with a bright expression of eastern look. Actress experience is an advantage. However, if you don’t have it but you are interested in the idea, then you follow the requirements.
2) Composer or a person who makes music. We need to create soundtrack for the movie.
3) Person who writes poems. We need to write lyrics for songs.
4) Person to work on script. That should be the one who can create interesting stories and describe them in a beautiful manner.
5) Technical works: cut, video, graphics, operators.
6) Anybody interested to develop skills in film shooting.

So, who’s going up to the top with me)))? The other people were able to make it… So I can’t see any reasons for me to fail it ). In my life I’ve so many times done the things that I was told to be “impossible”!

I want to warn you from the very beginning: there will be HELL a LOT of work to be done!))) Please, write me or send link to this post to your friends.

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