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I'm still here...

21st of March 2010

Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Music: soccer broadcast on TV
Mood: dizzy

For those who are worried for me: be cool, I’m OK and I’m continuing my adventures.

Currently we are in La Paz (Bolivia). We are going to the salt lakes to shoot there. We spent several days in a cheap hostel on the shore of Titicaca suffering an unknown decease. The only medicine we used were the leaves of Coca. First, I chewed them. They had pretty nasty taste so I went to boiling them. I don’t know if they really helped us but couple days later we were fine. We crossed the Bolivian border and were lucky to do that for free (since the fuckers frontier guard like to charge $50).

There are all the elements of “Viter style” adventure. They wanted to take my camera in Lima so I had to use my diplomacy skills and dozens of certificates :))))) We were taking shots on a witch market when one of them put curse on us for not buying stuff from her :)

Oh, you guys don’t know one thing… While my camera was being repaired I visited Egypt for my birthday and went snowboarding in Bukovel (Ukrainian Carpathian mountains). It was a long time ago I’d seen the snow. That’s why I was glad to play snowballs fight again :) I caught myself on a thought that I was sick and tired of beaches. I want winter!!!

Our further plan is to rent a car and ride to the far frontiers of Chile. We will take shots of Salar de Yuni, Dali desert, and so on. Then we are going to Peru to take shots of Incas. They say Machu Picchu is closed but we’ll try to use Incas path to reach it. I also found an information about the place visited by UFO. So we want to make our own investigation. That’s the place where long skulls are found… you guys probably remember Indiana Jones, right? I want to believe!
Finally, I want to go down Amazon to the jungles to drink the wine of dead and make a shoot about the shamans and Ayahuasca.

So, that’s the plan ….
P.S. I’ll show you something really interesting next time I have internet connection …..:)

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