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Libyan frontline

14th of April 2011

Location: Libya, Bengazi
Mood: lybia mia-mia
This day in: 2009

I’m back from the west Libyan front.

I’m alive but I don’t have any energy to write and look for the photos made. I spent the last three days in the suburbs of Ajdabiya. The front line starts 1 kilometer beyond the city. I’ve already made 100 Gb of video. I’ll make a selection and post some of it as soon as all this shit ends. By the way, you can search me in the news of western channels since I had been interviewed ))) Today I was ass stupid made an intelligence with the rebels. I was just hanging out at the positions on the western gates when I saw a car. You guys probably saw them on TV: that were the pick-ups with machine guns. I jumped into the trunk to take some pics ))) After I made few shots I decided to have a short ride. So we went somewhere I didn’t know… It was too late to reject my idea when I understood their Arabic speech. Those were 2 front pick-ups going for intelligence on Gaddafi positions. I was like… FUCK!! We made about 20 kilometers on nobody’s land… We saw battered Katyushas that were bombed by NATO forces last night. We checked to find anybody. There was nobody... alive...


Then we went further. All the people in the car became nervous… They squeezed their guns… the one in the front was looking at the desert from his binocular… The dude next to me was throwing a hand grenade from hand to hand. He said it will prevent him from surrendering alive. That kind of information didn’t make me be optimistic… I became unhappy… The fear was filling my body… I felt a squeeze in the area of my stomach and solar plexus… Suddenly there was a complete silence… We could only hear sound of bolts of weapons. It seemed the sound could be heard everywhere in the desert… Some plastic bags flew above the road… You must understand you’re couple dozens of kilometers from your buddies and your enemies can appear at any moment… Death can be beyond each sand-dune… Death… Fuck… I tried to distract my attention  with something different… I scrapped away the shit on the bottom of the trunk in order to hide myself in a bad case. At the same time I understood it wouldn’t work if they shot us from a bazooka…  The binocular dude shouted out something! We saw some windshield reflected sun lights in the desert… I turned my head to the same side and saw some lights on the horizon… I clearly realized that was a bad sign… I thought we could finally make a u-turn and go back… however the rebels decided to get CLOSER AND JUST LOOK!

The front pick-up with installed rocket launcher stopped and turned them to the side in order to cover us. We carefully moved towards the reflected lights. Fuck, I was just thinking about the proverb “Putting it off won't make it any easier”…
I made a sad smile and greedily grabbed the hot air with my mouth… The sand was on my teeth… By that time the binocular guy started to shout something loud. We made so sharp u-turn that I almost fell off the trunk. Screaming “Allahu Aqbar” we raced towards our positions on the east. I thought “hamdu-alla!” (glory to Allah)! We won’t go further, and if we are lucky we won’t be shot inshallah.

I don’t know how long the ride was until I saw our positions. The time past very slowly. We were racing faster than the wind, and I was just holding as much as I could in order no to fall off the trunk with no roof.


We were surrounded by tons of people when we got to the gates. Some western channel reporters approached me. I tried to make a brave look and even answered their questions) Some Associated Press guy offered me cash for my videos) The crew I was “travelling” with called me Superman))) I guess I have been the only one white man who made it that far on the west for the last week.


So watch me on TV)))

Road beyond the Western Gates of Ajdabiya. Nobody’s land.

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