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About visas

4th of November 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: “How do you get your visas?” Here’s my answer.

Up until this moment, the focus of my blog was on entertainment and inspiration. In particular, I wrote mainly about my experience, impressions, and thoughts. I believed sincerely that I don’t have to share you the practical information that is available after 5 minutes of google search. However, I receive e-mail with the same questions almost every day. So I thought that there’s always a reason for stars starting to shine. One of the most frequent question is about visas. I’m being asked on the way I get them, whether I get them in advance, etc.

Well, the answers are in my blogs :) I usually pick a travel country impulsively. I never plan something like “visit India in year XX”. Seriously, guys! That never happens to me. The way it works for me can be expressed in the following words: “Fuck! It’s been cold in the morning for a while. Why don’t I go to India?” After that I go to Google, search for information, buy tickets on expedia, spend couple days for preparation and that’s it! In the end of that story I’m standing in the airport of Deli and being waited by cab drivers :)

Sometimes ideas come to my mind when I’ve already been in a journey. So I go to a country that I initially didn’t plan to visit. Alternatively, there are situations when I’m not given a permission to enter a country that I planned to visit initially. As a result I pick the one where I will be allowed to be :)

I remember my flight from Chile to Australia but I landed in New Zealand. When I was purchasing my tickets I have a strong belief that Auckland is located in Australia. Apparently, it’s in New Zealand haha. Before I came there  I was wondering why I can’t find that city on the map of Australia. I thought I had a map of a bad scale haha.

I usually choose countries with no visa requirement or the ones with relatively easy process to get visa. I lived and studied quite long time in United States and Europe. So I’m not interested in Western Countries. I usually carry a bunch of documents that I show in consulates, police offices, customs duties, and other places. I have documents for wide variety of occasions :). Guys, I think I don’t have to teach you publicly how to make hospital references for university haha. Use your brain ;)

On the other hand, there is a reason to spend some time for USA or Schengen visas because it’s sometimes cheaper to fly through these countries. In addition, there’s a list of Central-American countries that allow to enter there with US visa. In case I know that the visa process is difficult for a particular country, I sometimes go to other country. For instance, it will consume lots of efforts and time to get Indian visa in Russia, but it’s a piece of cake in Bangkok.

The main principle is to plan as little as possible because it will bring you more unexpected stuff. While some people don’t like it, the others will have real adventure in their journey haha.

Here are the shots with candid camera in the airport of La Paz. That’s a standard situation, when we were not allowed to leave the country )))

Разместить в ЖЖ

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