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20th of December 2011

Location: Wind House, India
Music: Hindu music
This day in: 2009
A chance for those who wants changes and ready to do something for it. The prize is a trip to Goa to WindHouse for 2 weeks.

I have never participated in the government sponsored cinema contests and various competitions of film Funds, as their bureaucracy always seemed to be too complicated and wasting time. And when the idea of my own contest appeared, I tried to make it in such a way to make myself want to participate. The theme of a contest this year is "Stories, brought by the wind." Who knows, maybe it will become an every year contest:))

To become a participant of the contest, take as a basis for scenery one of my blog posts and shoot a short film from 1 to 15 minutes. The post, the story interpretation and kind of shootings are up to you. You can shoot either with professional camera or with mobile depends on your facilities. The main thing is to save the sense of a story and the main character – Viter.

Show your fantasy and imagination. I want to see nonstandard attitude and interesting solutions. The winner will come for 2 weeks to Goa to WindHouse, where my team and me are working on the film..
Organizer covers all the expenses on transportation and accommodation of the winner.
Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2012. The rules of the contest you can download here. Ask all the questions in this post.

Good luck!

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