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Milestone. Project Presentation.

30th of November 2011

Location: above the city
Music: street noise
Mood: por fin
December 4, Kiev - the presentation of my project. You will be able to see what I have lived for, in the aim of what I have suffered) and also the Winds House start to India!

It seems to me that Ive just reached a point. A point I was going, running, crawling to for the last 2 years. No matter what I was going forward. I lived through betrayal of my closest friends, I went through a revolution and war, there were moments when I was left by everyone and the further struggle had no longer sense, there were moments when I was sitting for weeks in impotence to do something, but fuck! no matter what I stood up, cursed that day when I decided to make a movie and swearing I kept going

On Sunday, December 4 in Kiev, I want to make a meeting-presentation. There I'll show a trailer for my film, film about the film and many other interesting materials. Also, Ill make a small workshop. And though I think it will be certainly interesting for filmmakers, it is not for them. I will not tell different movie crap, because I don `t know it and you can any time read it in books and learn at film classes. All that what I am going to tell you, no one school and no one book will tell. It is how not to die on the way and reach the goal.

Also, I will make a presentation of my project Wind House 2011, in which I am going with the team for the whole winter to India, Goa to continue work on the film! We'll start right after the presentation, so this is the last opportunity to see me this year))) One milestone is already behind - and the new one is immediately put in the front ... oh)))

So, I have something more for you .. the contest will be announced at the presentation. The winner will have a chance to join us in Goa and to stay in Wind House for 2 weeks FOR FREE) After the presentation all the information about contest will be posted in the Internet, and all interested people can participate, regardless of country of residence)

P.S. I dedicate this day to all those who betrayed me.

December 4, 13:00. House of Cinema. Blue Hall. Entrance is free. Saksaganskogo str. 6, Kiev.
Attention! Those who are planning to be, let me know in the comments how many friends you are going to take with, I need to understand the number of requests)

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