Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Around the World - 23rd of November 2008

I spent long hours to make a final decision. I actually was waiting for a sign. Well, I got it :) That was a phrase from the book by Alexander Green.

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Libyan frontline
- 14th of April 2011

I’m back from the west Libyan front.

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Came back. Alive. - 10th of February 2011

I’m back from Cairo. I’m alive and safe. I was lucky to save all of my technical equipment.

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Wind's Place - 13th of December 2010

The journey has begun! This time I’m not alone.

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About visas - 4th of November 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: “How do you get your visas?” Here’s my answer.

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I'm still here... - 21st of March 2010

For those who are worried for me: be cool, I’m OK and I’m continuing my adventures.

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Gold Rush - 9th of February 2010

Amazon trip. Gold rush. My dream came true.

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Latest news - 6th of January 2010

Here’re the last news from South America.

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In the ocean's heart part 2 - 30th of December 2009

We run away from the yacht.

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In the ocean's heart - 26th of December 2009

We found a job in a cruise yacht on Galapagos islands.

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Bogota: stay on the run - 20th of December 2009

I came back to South America. I’m back to the place without mobile service coverage. I’m back to the place of jungles, beaches, mountains and homesick mood…

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Egypt my Egypt - 23rd of November 2009

The sun again! The blue sky again! Again the sea from one side and the desert from the other one! I’m home again!

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Ayahuasca. The deep descend. - 19th of February 2009

The toughest adventure in my whole life. The person who went to the journey is not back. There’s a New one.

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Places I lived at - 9th of October 2008

I was digging my old archives and found several nice photos today. I actually made an interesting collection using them :)

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