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25th of May 2010

Mood: Finally..............

Here I go! I kept my promise, I tell and show all the things I have seen, experienced, felt, enjoyed, and suffered from for the last half year: WindCatcher reality cycle about traveling!

This idea came to me completely spontaneously 6 months ago. I should tell you that I had the same connection to TV-movie business as an Injun had the one to NASA space technologies. I followed my principle “the key point in a fight is start, all the other things are improvisation” and made the worst main thing – my first step. Of course there were people that kept on telling me I’d fail because I didn’t have any connections, 5-year degree of a showman, sponsors, and tons of other things. However, I didn’t listen to them :) Well, miracles are possible! My friendly Universe gave me 2 people who simultaneously became my allies and mentors...

Interesting facts:
Almost everything was made by the efforts of 3 people. Film crew consisted of 2 people and 3 cameras. The filming were held for 3 months on the territory of Equador, Peru, Bolivia – mountains, jungles, and islands. Up until this moment 50 hours have been shot, which is shown in 9 episodes. The whole cycle was built as a reality, so there almost no posed shots. In other words, if you see me in a bad condition on the picture… well, I was really in a bad condition that time. The last frame of the trailer cost us $800 because we had to fix the camera covered by the wave.
More shooting is planned on other continents.

P.S. Creative people, please help me with picking the name for the cycle in Russian and Ukrainian. It doesn’t have to be literally translated from English. The winner will get a souvenir from a far country or a drink of his / her choice :).

Разместить в ЖЖ

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Elena, UK

~betal~, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Cool!!! Real great :))
I am happy for you buddy!