Lifetime journey
Viter means the Wind. My name is my element, my nature and my life style. I have my favorite places, friends and memories on each of the continents. Each new day is the new story. Get inspired!

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Õî÷ó Ñîëíöå/Send me a Sunshine

Send me a Sunshine
When did you receive a post card last time? Not by email, but finding it in your post box? A real, paper card which you can pin up to a wall. Have you ever got it from some far-away place? With its colorful but strange stamps..

When I was about to start my journey all my friends littered my inbox up with their post addresses. Everybody asked for a post card from a far-away place. I promised. And then I thought - what about sending the cards to everyone who wants?

Send me the post address you regularly check and wait for a your card from the country which name you've heard only on your geography class or even haven't ever heard at all. I hope this card like a smile of a beautiful stranger will help you to take the first step to your dream!

The cards are sent in person only (no third parties)! If you want to congratulate smb in this unusual way please, email me.

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