Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Us. New Year. Egypt.
- 21st of January 2011

We are alive and energetic. Despite all kinds of shit difficulties we are on the way to our goal.

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Wind's Place - 13th of December 2010

The journey has begun! This time I’m not alone.

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The adventure you never had before - 13th of November 2010

How many times did you want to change your life? How many times did you want to do something new? How many times you actually did it?

Even though I don’t know you personally, maybe the things you read below will change your life..

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About visas - 4th of November 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: “How do you get your visas?” Here’s my answer.

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Once on the equator - 3rd of January 2010

Way to the middle of the world...

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Bogota: stay on the run - 20th of December 2009

I came back to South America. I’m back to the place without mobile service coverage. I’m back to the place of jungles, beaches, mountains and homesick mood…

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Among my friends - 22nd of November 2009

The most precious thing in this life is the friends. The most interesting thing is new meetings. I met my friends after my around the world trip. Here’s the report.

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TV record + radio broadcast - 21st of November 2009

Here’s the TV record from K1 channel. Plus here’s the broadcast of Mayak radiostation where I told about my around the world trip.

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Movie: Under the sheltering sky - 4th of September 2009

Recently I watched long time wanted Bertolucci’s “Under the Sheltering Sky” movie.

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August 15 - 15th of August 2009

…to fall being burned by the star called Sun…

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Sea - 20th of April 2009

Being afraid is stupid () Knocking on heavens’ door. That’s the movie that had a huge impact on my life...

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Dangerous Bangkok - 14th of April 2009

State of emergency was announced in Thailand yesterday. I came here at night. I took these shots this morning near my hotel.

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Goodbye America... - 9th of April 2009

Today is my last night in South America… Damn, I just realized that… That made me really sad…

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Paraguay - 27th of March 2009

I met a girl from Myanmar in the Paraguayan consulate in Brazil. .

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