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26th of March 2010

Location: Uyuni, Bolivia internet cafe
Mood: shy to write here
This day in: 2009

I got sick really bad.

We made it to Uyuni, where I fell to the ground. I had a 4 day fever. I was trying to shake off the decease with the proven cure – Coca tea. Unfortunately, it didn’t help since I threw up because of it. I drank it so much that I probably wouldn’t pass a drug test.

I realized that wasn’t normal. That was something really serious. In addition, I remembered the swine influenza which appeared in South America. I actually had all of its symptoms. So I went to find a doctor. That actually was the first time I asked for medical service during my journey.

Uyuni is a redneck village without any signs of civilization. I was sent to a “luxury pleasant clinic”, where they charged me $4 and gave me a diagnosis of pneumonia-bronchitis.

It’s really tough to breath since my nose is stuffy + there’s a lack of oxygen on the local height… I haven’t eaten for 4 days. Currently my only food are the antibiotics making me feel even worse. I actually don’t know what to do in case of deterioration of the decease… There’s no hope for qualified medical service. There are even no shamans here :(((((((( The next big city is in 10 hours distance, which is impossible for me… The biggest fear of an adventurer is to get sick in a hidden place of the world… Was I really naïve to think I’m bulletproof?

P.S. I’m guessing that all this shit is because of the witch on the market… :(((((((

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