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The adventure you never had before

13th of November 2010

How many times did you want to change your life? How many times did you want to do something new? How many times you actually did it?

Even though I don’t know you personally, maybe the things you read below will change your life..

I receive e-mails from lots of people. They ask me to take them with me in my journeys. They promise to leave all of their routine and even carry bags for me, cook for me, etc. I usually didn’t answer those e-mails because I didn’t understand what I could offer them. However, I got a fucking great idea! I want to gather different people from around the world in an “always summer” country, and do something special… something that will blow our minds! The more time I spent in feverish brain storming, the more I became confident in my belief that this was a super idea! I see a big and beautiful house among palms near a beach, where I and my friends live. In fact, house part is not a big deal; I only need to accommodate it with people :)

So, I invite you guys to spend this winter together in the place where palms and coconuts grow. We will live, relax, and work on different creative projects. Number one priority is my video and movie ideas. Here’s the list of people who I want to see.

The main criterion is creativity. I need people who are ready to work and want to change themselves and the world around.

Due to the fact that I work on movie projects, these people will be invited without a line:

1) composer. He or she is needed for creation of musical master pieces with the background of the sea noise;
2) screenwriter. I need a person to sit under the palms and write genius scenarios
3) administrator. I need an English speaking person who will organize all these creative people )))
4) editors, cameramen, poets and all the other people who want to develop their skills in movie filming

Probably this is the most interesting part: I’ll cover all the living expenses! Now dare to say me shit like “I want to be there so bad but I don’t have fucking money”!

As you understand, the quantity of invited people will be limited in the beginning. Here’s the selection process:
1) Write here to tell who are you and what you can do
2) Subscribe to news, if you haven’t done so.
3) Personal meeting
4) If things go right, pack your bags and get prepared to celebrate New Year under palms )))

P.S. I already met the first adventurer couple days ago. He’s a simple guy from Volgograd who found my video on Internet. He was inspired by the words on the blue screen about the fact that those video could change his life… He wrote me to say that he likes my way business and dislikes my shitty video. He also told me that he knew the way to make it better. He responded positively to my call to meet personally and defend his position. Well, he kept his word: he came to me and made the video better. Now he’s in process of getting his passport and preparation to adventures. The words on the blue screen become reality unexpectedly quickly for him… Maybe they will be prophetic in your case too, who knows…

The journey you’ve never ever had before starts right now...

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Bakh, China
Privet! idea silnaya, kak raz plany na etu zumu uehat v novoe mesto i zanyat svoi mozgi tvorchestvom - kak mozhno s toboi svyazatsya? napishi mne na pochtu. zhdu!

Pistol, Moscow now
Hey! That us! We are always doing it.
6 crazy talented people repeatedly so already did and have experience in it. Send me a letter by mail

cool! send more details and some samples to my email)