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I am saying thank you

7th of April 2010

Location: Nasca, Peru
Music: TV
Mood: grateful
I'm alive, feel good and continue following my way. Thanks for all your words, advices, energy and prayers.

You know, there was a moment when I was entirely crushed and I realized that I could kick the bucket - I went to look for a doctor. And when an Indian in a dirty robe, having only one instrument - thermometer gave me a diagnosis, I thought fucking bum life. But when the next day I received hundreds posts on the blog and emails- I realized that it was not fucking bum life, life turned to face me and I would look in it eyes as long as I want.
Also I realized, so I knew it before, but now I realized that all the energy that you give to somebody backs to you when you need it. And the most important thing - I understand that all this is not for nothing ..

Thank you! You are my very cool!

P.S. Here is the proof that I am alive and feel good - the same time you can see how we are making the shootings:) I'll bring you a lot of delicious video, you have never seen it before aero shootings with a reed, extremes auto shooting, footage of bubbling volcano and salt lake, fatal shooting of the cliff, pink flamingos, the Martian landscapes, megalithic structures, rafting on the Amazon, underwater shooting, gold, and my gummy face after I had lost my sight for a whole days, and much more! all this is not for nothing

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