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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Getting Local
- 12th of January 2009

I had an interesting thing happen to me today, which led me to this post :) Anytime I go to the new country I try to become a part of the locals.

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I had a dream - 8th of January 2009

I think the most difficult moment of my journey was yesterday.

Liberty Island - 5th of January 2009

Cuba! I’m back… For those who are not well informed: I was here 3 years ago. That time my passport and money were stolen, so I had reeeeal troubles with getting out of here. Anyways, I promised to come back and I did it.

A bit more about Jamaica - 5th of January 2009

I feel like I didn’t end my story about Jamaica :) The story continues from Cuba.

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2009 - 31st of December 2008

One more year is behind. I won’t say that year 2008 was the most successful for me. It was rather the opposite of that. However, I gained a lot.

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People - 27th of December 2008

I moved from Kingston to Negril. I’m very happy with that decision.

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Kingston - 19th of December 2008
So, its my 3rd day on Jamaica. My impressions from it are controversial yet. The only one white person here I can only see in the mirror:) which actually annoys me.
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Jamaica! - 17th of December 2008

Good bye Dominicana and hello Jamaica! After my farewell to Dominicana I transferred to Jamaica. Everything was in my style :)

Here it goes... - 14th of December 2008

This post was supposed to be the last one about Dominican Republic with all the results, reviews, impressions, etc. About thoughts if I wanted to come back here again and if I'm open for new discoveries. But IT WON'T BE HERE.

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Santiago - 10th of December 2008

I’m in Santiago. The full name of the city is Santiago de los Caballeros

First Sunshines - 9th of December 2008

I sent the first bunch of postcards yesterday :) I spent half of the day signing them. During one day I have signed more postcards than during my entire life :)

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Dominican Republic - 5th of December 2008

I’m almost a local here. The water is not that cold now as it was on my first day :). I coped with jet lag and remembered my Spanish. Now I even understand what people want when they ask me something :). In general, life is getting better and I’m enjoying the country.

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Send me a Sunshine:) - 3rd of December 2008

When was the last time you received a postcard? Not the virtual one, the real one that is made of paper. The one you can hang on a wall. When was the last time you received a postcard from a distant country? The one with colored and  unfamiliar stamps...

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New World. Santo Domingo. - 28th of November 2008

Yesterday I arrived to Santo Domingo from Spain.

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