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Here it goes...

14th of December 2008

Location: still Santiago
Music: meringue

This post was supposed to be the last one about Dominican Republic with all the results, reviews, impressions, etc. About thoughts if I wanted to come back here again and if I'm open for new discoveries. But IT WON'T BE HERE.

Instead of that I want to say that I’m bothered with USA and their fight against terrorism!

OK, let me give you a sequential story. I was supposed to fly to Kingston (capital of Jamaica) with connection in Miami. I had already bought tickets, booked hotel, transfered to the airport, prepared to change rhythms of meringue to reggae, etc. However, something told me to double check the requirements for Jamaican visa on the Internet yesterday late night (my departure should be early in the morning today). What do you think I found there? It was written on one of dozens forums that American transit visa is required for those who fly via USA!!!! Double check – correct!
OMFG! I never thought that it is possible because airport is a neutral territory and I had only 2 hours between the flights. That’s the way they fight against terrorists!

In the beginning I had a light shock and then I started my brainstorm to find possible solutions… I had only 5 hours before the departure. Should I rely on a good luck and fly? Well, I don’t want to be in a “black list” because of that. Should I do transit visa? In this case I’ll lose my tickets, money and 1 week. In addition, I lost my willingness to fly to their Miami.

After long Google search I found Copa flight through Panama. Next, I try to book a flight on a closest date but the website doesn’t accept my credit card. So I call them. After one hour (!!!) of a telephone call I booked a ticket Santo-Domingo – Panama – Kingston on December 16. I should mention that it actually was $150 cheaper than the one through Miami.

Well, that’s not the end! I made a strong decision of not making a $500 gift to Americans for the unused ticket! No way, no contribution to their “war on terrorism” fund!
So I call their American office! After several hours of conversation with Negros and Indians of different ranks I made them make me refund!
After that I also had to call to Jamaica and talk to Negritta in order to change my check-in date. One more call to Santo in order to book a hotel there because Copa flies from Santo. Another call for cancelling the transfer to airport, and so on…

On a positive side... I made a huuuge step forward in my Spanish! After all those conversations and reservations I realized that I won’t have problems in such things anymore :)

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Jane, Khmelnitsky
Good luck & take care! U r brave & everything will be ok!