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First Sunshines

9th of December 2008

Location: Santiago de los Caballeros
Music: noice of the street

I sent the first bunch of postcards yesterday :) I spent half of the day signing them. During one day I have signed more postcards than during my entire life :)

After that I went to the post office. Firstly, Senora was very surprised but then she gave me a pile of stamps. I was gluing them alone for a while. However some time later she helped me with them :)
When all the stamps were glued, she started to put the post prints… This actually turned to be a miracle! From the simple piece of paper those postcards transformed to something significant! They got their meaning and form.
I was pleased to hold them and I imagined they would be carried in a truck with other mail… then they will be loaded to the airplane and they will cross the ocean… then they will be sorted and sent to different cities… then a postman will spend some time to understand my hand writing to get the address… and at the same time he will be surprised by the fact that some people got those colored postcards from a country across the Ocean… He will ring the door bell and the main part will happen… It will make the recipient smile and happy… And that won’t matter what is the weather outside, what problems are in the mind of that person… He will study it for a while, look at the stamp, the unfamiliar post prints and he will feel the smell of sea and sun… And what is most important he will know that there was a person across the Ocean who thought about him for at least one minute…

And then that post card will be kept on a table… or on the wardrobe… or maybe it will be taken to work office to hang it on a monitor, and all the colleagues will be asking how it came here. And each time it is watched it will make someone smile and be happy...

Maybe your postcard lies somewhere there :)))

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
Hi there! I am so happy to read your new posting here. It is really impressive and makes everyone smile. Thanks a bunch for the lovely words and cheering up. I am sure everyone who is lucky to get a sunshine from you will be delighted.
I don't think I am in this list for now. I will be waiting one from you a bit later. Let your beloved to get first. ;-)

Indeed, you are:)

aliya, Санкт-Петербург
it's so wonderful=)

Juliana, Saint-Petersburg
I found out about your hobby. You are bringing positive emotions to people. Go ahead and they will return back to you. I would also like to receive a card from you.