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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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27th of December 2008

Location: Negril, Jamaica
Music: ghost piano
Mood: relaxed

I moved from Kingston to Negril. I’m very happy with that decision.

First, I pay $20 here instead of $50. Although, first couple days I stayed in a complete shed. I was heavily bitten by mosquitoes, which made me scratch myself till I was bleeding :). On the positive side, there is sea and white people :))) The most important thing is that I saw the Jamaica I expected to see :) If you ever go to Jamaica don’t stay in Kingston for a long time – leave it as soon as possible :) People in Negril are much more friendly! They say "Yes Sir" in Kingston and "Ya man" in Negril:)

I met one dude from Canada in Kingston. I also met a guy from Moscow, Austria and two German ladies :). Now I hang out with Australian guy. I made an interesting observation. I fed the Canadian in Kingston because he was broke. Later I fed Gunter (the Austrian) who run out of his money on the last day. The thing I want to say is that I have NEVER met bourgeois who travelled and were out of money.
Another interesting point is that it’s the peak of the high season. I’m in a resort town where only 3-4 houses (out of dozen) are occupied. Joseph – old and wise Negro and the owner – told me that this never happened before… Well, crisis is on now!

Recently I was asked: “what do you discover in your journeys”… I spent long hours to find the right answer… and then I realized… that the most important things are not the places you see but the people you meet on your way. You would never meet them in your routine life. However, here you meet the people who are very much like you… they are driven by unknown forces to unknown places… You don’t know their origins and their destinations but you’re sure that you’re driven by the same forces…

I spend only one evening with Yura from Moscow. Then there was Gunter with whom I spent only 2 days and said good bye each other as the best friends forever. He actually invited me to Austria for snowboarding… David also invited me to Australia…

Time passes quietly… For the first time during my journey I was able to completely relax… I spend my days at the beach; and I use the evenings for conversations with somebody on the terrace of my house with a bottle of Red Stripe and countless cleefs :)

Couple days ago when I was enjoying joints and cleefs (made by Gunter) at night I understood one thing…

I realized that everything is compressed in a journey… It takes you two days to go through the whole cycle from meeting to saying good bye. It would take you months or even years in a routine life but it happens in several days in a journey… And during that period you have a strong idea about the person, whether he is a reliable and “real” man or not… And if you understand that he is the one, you actually don’t want to lose him… When our ways took different directions Gunter told me "saying goodbye is the worse part of a journey"...

The German ladies invite me to go to Colombia with them… I invite David to go to Habana with me… However, I know that I won’t go to Colombia… And I also know that David won’t go to Cuba… this is the sad part of the story…

Okay, here’s a photo to end this post on a positive point :) The shot was taken in Boca Chica.

Soy un hombre muy honrado,
Que me gusta lo mejor
Las mujeres no me faltan,
Ni el dinero, ni el amor

Jineteando en mi caballo
Por la sierra yo me voy
Las estrellas y la luna
Ellas me dicen donde voy...


Разместить в ЖЖ

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
So nice to hear from you again. I am happy you've been getting fun from your journey. It's really great you meet nice people and make friends. Nothing is that precious like good friends in this real life and SL also.

sunshine, Ternopil
Looks like in the advertisement to me :)) Nice landscape and nice people!