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19th of December 2008

Location: Kingston, Jamaica
So, its my 3rd day on Jamaica. My impressions from it are controversial yet. The only one white person here I can only see in the mirror:) which actually annoys me. Although, I talked to the local people, they say that there are no white people in the city, but I can find many tourists on the beaches.

I made couple of discoveries for myself. Firstly, that English language is official here (I didnt know this before), secondly, I couldnt use my fluent English here :))) Locals speak English and Patwa a mix of English, Spanish and various African dialects. And sometimes it seems to me that understanding Spanish at Dominican Republic was much easier :) Its impossible to talk to them via phoneBut on the third day I started too: ya maaan! and saying me instead of I :)))

I live at local Beverly Hills :) I started to look for the place even before I came here and I was unpleasantly surprised when understood that prices start from 80$/night. On all forums people were writing that its unreal to find a hotel in Kingston with less than 60$ price at the safe neighborhood. I found something for 50 as a result. This something was a small bungalow (bungalow its a fashionable hovel :))) in the garden of one Kingston dweller :))) This place is very beautiful, and the one bad thing is that its located too far from civilization and I have to walk a really long distance to get some food. Well, its not that bad. There is something even worse: no one walks here, only cars. Rich people live here and their houses look like small fortresses. A lot of them have a barbed wires above fences 2-3 meters high or broken glass. There are a lot of signs about security and I was especially touched by a sign Citizens Watch :)))

I like local ads. Most of them promote security and signaling systems. Also there was one ad of carrier, as I understood and its slogan was You will arrive ALIVE :))
The very first day, when I got out and was crossing the street I was almost hit by one black guy. It came out that I looked at the wrong side, because they have right-hand traffic here :)))
Im crossing, and BANG, screeching brakes and blacks are laughing at me at the bus station: a write guy was almost run over :) they dont see such things every day :) I just said There is no Ku Klux Klan on you and went further, looking at both sides. So I go and gogo and goand they ride and rideI feel like a long time ago when I was a poor student in states and was walking down the highway to get to the joband black guys were riding their cars

What I like here its food. Its much better than in Dominican Republic and its much warmer here. OH!!! YEAH! WARM!!! I like it so much :) I like mountains too! YAII!!! Blue mountains that Bob Marley lived at. Its fantastic! Im going there tomorrow. Also, you can smell marihuana on the streets at evenings :)

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