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31st of December 2008

Location: 5 meters from the sea
Music: sound of waves and reggae on the background
Mood: light sorrow

One more year is behind. I won’t say that year 2008 was the most successful for me. It was rather the opposite of that. However, I gained a lot.

I celebrated year 2008 in Thailand and I’m celebrating year 2009 in Jamaica :) Ya man!!! I visited 7 countries in 2008 and met many people. However, I didn’t achieve my main goal. I hope I’ll do it in 2009 :) I don’t know your feelings about that… but I like number 2009 :) Especially nine :)

Okay, I want to wish all my friends and all the readers of this blog a happy year 2009! I wish you sun and warmth! In 2009 do all the things you didn’t have enough time or courage to accomplish in 2008!
I want to thank everybody who was with me in 2008. I won’t give the list of the names so that I can forget somebody :) You all know that without notification :). If you weren’t there, the year wasn’t so…

Tomorrow, January 1, I fly to Cuba at 9 am. This means that I need to leave Negril at 5 am and go to Montego Bay :). This means that I’ll go to the airport straight from the New Year’s party :)  This also means that I have the unique chance to see drunk Jamaican and Cuban people :)))

Yes, I don’t have Cuban visa :) I hope I’ll be lucky and Cubans will be in a good mood after the New Year’s party :)))

P.S. I didn’t close Jamaica for myself. I’ll be back...

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sunshine, Ternopil
Man, you are just crazy! Traveling without visa... Gosh!!! Happy 2009 to you too :))

Инна , Khmelnitskiy
Life's incredible I'm sure you know it but may it show you every day all the miracles and great adventures in it. Wish you nice and friendly people on your way, the scenery that can take your breath away and pretty girls ))))))) May this year be exciting for you!!!!

Lil, Germany
guten rutsch!:)