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A bit more about Jamaica

5th of January 2009

Location: la Habana, Cuba
Music: la fiesta out my window
Mood: drunk a little:)

I feel like I didn’t end my story about Jamaica :) The story continues from Cuba.

Jamaica. Well, for sure it is in my TOP-5 countries! I wouldn’t live there too long but it’s the place for relaxation! Make sure you go to Negril. They also say that Treasure Beach is good. If you go to Negril, find Joseph old-man :). He is a true man! He changed my attitude towards black people :)

One night, we spent our time getting high and he told me his life story… He told me that he was a smuggler when he was young. He brought marijuana from Mexico and cocaine from Colombia to USA. He also worked on a marijuana plantation in Holland. He had tons of cash and a huge house in Los Angeles. And he also was hunted by FBI agents. So one day he had to make a decision to escape to Jamaica on a boat…

Of course, I asked him why he didn’t return to the US and here was his reply: “I saw big cities, I tasted and sampled everything. I don’t have a need to see the world for the second time. I came home to my palms and the ocean”. Isn’t this a modern history of Santiago?

Oh, by the way! I was offered to do smuggling of marijuana from Jamaica :). The idea is simple: you buy marijuana from mountain people, load it to the boat and spend one night to reach Haiti. You sell it there and go back to Jamaica. The price in Haiti isn’t the best one, but it corresponds to low risks. Well, you will still bear the risk of being thrown away from the boat by your own partners :)

I had an amazing New Year celebration! I was on a beach with a crowd of black people. I have never seen before so many black people in one single place :) We had all the necessary attributes: beach, fire and fireworks at the ocean :)

I have many more stories to tell but I won’t do that :) I’ll tell them on private meetings with some beer or rum :)

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Anuta, Saint-Petersburg
Viter you are amazing! Travel is my passion=)