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Send me a Sunshine:)

3rd of December 2008

Location: Santo Domingo, cerca calle del Condo
Music: parrots outside my window :)
Mood: excited

When was the last time you received a postcard? Not the virtual one, the real one that is made of paper. The one you can hang on a wall. When was the last time you received a postcard from a distant country? The one with colored and  unfamiliar stamps...

When I was packing my bags all of my friends scattered me with their addresses and asked to send them a postcard from the countries that I was going to travel to. I promised them to do that. Then I thought about sending  the cards to all the visitors of my website… and then I thought about sending the cards literally to everybody!

Imagine you are at home… It’s raining or snowing outside… The weather is cold and depressing… And then unexpectedly you hear a door bell! The postman passes you the postcard that travelled thousands of kilometers. You can see sun and beach on that card… and you even think that it smells like a sea… and it was sent by a complete stranger…

I liked this idea very much. So after some thoughts I decided that I can spend some money from my budget. This cost reallocation will make me be better at bargaining with taxi drivers, sales men and etc. :)

The postcards will be sent from different places and they will be signed by me :) I’ll send them according to the order. Each time I get out from jungles I run to the post office first:). So you take part in my World round trip :)

It doesn’t matter if you know me personally or not… Just leave me the address you want the post card to be sent, from the place you’ve only heard at your geography class (or even haven’t ever heard about).

That card like a smile of a beautiful stranger will beckon you to do your first step to your Dream!

Хочу Cолнца/Send me a Sunshine!

Разместить в ЖЖ

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DuDe, Киев
My friend!
Good luck in your trip, in your life, in your everything!
Send me a sunshine )))))

Marina, Astana, KZ
One of my hobbies is collecting postcards. I would like to get postcards from all over the world! But if it's impossible, so send me a postcard from Machu Pikchu! Thanks a lot! Wish you happy and a lot of fortune! :)

Alex, Novosibirsk
I can't believe that is true. I will be wonder if I will get a post card... Anyway, thank you for your idea.

Алёна, Москва
I do need this post card like a fresh air.

Dasha, ILLichivsk
Lucky you. I looovee traveling. It's my passion. I have been to many places. But Portugal and Brazil are still my dream. What impressions do you have of Brazil. That's such a great idea about postcards. I always wanted to get one from far far away. Wish you good luck on the roads and safe travel....take care!

carolina, moscow
thank you for this opportunity to see the world

Anastasia, Moscow
it doesn't really matter from which country this postcard will be.
i would be thankful to u anyway))

Julia Mai, Tallinn
Send me a sunshine! Perfect idea. Iˇm dreaming about it!

Константин, Екатеринбург
Nice idea, keep goin!

Elina, Yaroslavl
Hi, Viter! I'm Elina from Yaroslavl. I'm a student of Yaroslavl State Technical University. I like photo, design and IT. I like to receive a postcards:) If you want I can to sent for you a postcard from Yaroslavl :)

Maxim, Ivanovo
... wanna a little sunshine from some part of this big world :)
Thank you for your deal and for positive motivations xD !

Sergey, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky
Could you send me, please, postcard from Cuba. Thanks)

Anna, Kiev
Many thanks in advance for giving this little sunshine :-). Regards, Anna

Анастасия, Pskov (Псков)
hi, Viter! Send me a sunshine... I like it! I'm working a lot's and I have no time to travel. ;( I'll be waiting for your card from next exotic country!!! See You in Pskov! :)

Ilya, Oulu
Hi Viter:)
I wanna get a piece of sun from you. I've read you blog and have to say I'm really impressed. You know what you live for.
If some time Finland will be on your way, don't pass by and visit us.
Best regards,

Polly, Serov
Hi! i would love to receive a piece of sunshine!
Looking forward for it!

Aleksandra, Balakovo
I will be very happy to get a postcard from other country.

Angelina, Altes lager
I like what you do, this is so unique. Please leave me your adress and I also will send you a card)))