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Dominican Republic

5th of December 2008

Location: laying on a bed, 300 meters from the Caribbean Sea
Music: Crickets through my open window
Mood: getting local

I’m almost a local here. The water is not that cold now as it was on my first day :). I coped with jet lag and remembered my Spanish. Now I even understand what people want when they ask me something :). In general, life is getting better and I’m enjoying the country.


I wake up every morning because of the singing parrots and the bright Caribbean sun shining through my window. My windows go out to the sea side, so if you jump up you can see the Sea for a second :). However I don’t need to see it. I’m happy here :)
After that I go to the lobby and senora makes me breakfast. And that is a great feeling when you drink your coffee con leche, look through the open window the people walking and listen to latin rhymes… and you wish you could live like this forever…

I have a voice inside me telling that this country is not 100% mine. However, it’s close :). People here aren’t very friendly as they are usually in Southern countries. Well, of course it’s far more friendly than Moscow :). Anyway, I have had better experiences. What I really like here is the cars on the streets! I haven’t seen something alike even in India or Cuba :). Almost all of the cars have already been crashed in accidents of a moderate level damage :). You can easily spot a car without back or side window glass! Many cars have broken stop and turn lights, etc. The local small buses are run without doors :). I suppose they also don’t have ventilation :). Taxi cabs sometimes don’t have interior upholstery :). All of those vehicles puffs, squeaks, crackles but still run :).

I had an interesting experience a couple days ago. I was walking on a side walk. When I was passing a local policeman, he yelled something right when I was next to him! I though that guy took a wrong time to yell. I made couple steps and couldn’t believe my eyes! The whole street, which was in movement couple seconds ago, was frozen! All the people simply stopped and raised their heads! Even the young lady with a basket on her head stopped and didn’t move… My brain initially was off but then it started feverishly looking for a reason for that… I made couple steps more but I felt that someone unknown pressed “Pause” and life was frozen…
At the same time all the people who were close to me started to fizz at me so that I would stop… Well, I stopped…. My brain was still working… one of the versions that came to my mind was that those police men yelled “Bomb”! There were several seconds of complete silence with a few sounds from distant places…
Then there was one more scream, and all the people started to walk, make movement and noice… and the whole picture was alive again… My brain was f***ed! :)

Later I realized that those policemen were lowering the country flag. His first yell was about the beginning of that procedure and the last one was something like “at ease!” :))))))))))))))))
That one minute gave me all the stages of being surprised to being shocked :)

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nagora, Khmelnitsky
Ahhh, wouh!!!
That's something! I can imagine now what you felt. Take care and tell more stories. The ones you've posted are super fun to read and feel pleasure.