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Liberty Island

5th of January 2009

Location: la Habana, Cuba
Music: Eyes without a fase
Mood: drunk a little :)

Cuba! I’m back… For those who are not well informed: I was here 3 years ago. That time my passport and money were stolen, so I had reeeeal troubles with getting out of here. Anyways, I promised to come back and I did it.

As I said before, I didn’t have visa. I was wise (or lucky) to buy tarjeta de turista at Montego Bay airport, which was my salvation :). Gunter advised me to wash all my clothes since it smelled of smoke. To tell the truth, I was lazy to do that and I regreted not doing this. As a result, I spend almost one hour while my belongings were searched and I was checked by dogs. During that one hour I had an annoying thought that I forgot to shake out one of my pockets.

Luckily, the only problem was the stolen medicine chest from my back pack (I put it in checked baggage). So in case I get sick, I’ll have to ask for help from local shamans :)

Then I took a cab and went to Old Habana. On my way I recognized old places and I had a feeling that I was back home…

P.S.  I’m available on my Russian roaming. Internet connection is very limited here.

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