Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Ayahuasca. The first descent.
- 18th of February 2009

I’m back. I’m different now. I brought something with me…

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Towards Ayahuasca - 13th of February 2009

I’m in the heart of Amazonia in the middle of jungles. The thing I was going towards is just one step from me. Oh, it’s so tough to take the last step…

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Lima - 11th of February 2009

Damn, I don’t have enough time to write new posts :( Currently, each day is filled with something amazing. I can write complete books about each of them…

The origins of Amazon - 9th of February 2009

By the road among the clouds to the place where the greatest river borns – the Amazon!

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Isabela (Photo) - 7th of February 2009

Couple more words about Galapagos islands.

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I love Quito in the morning - 7th of February 2009

I’d like to say something more about Ecuador. I don’t know how I do this, but every country I go I make friends! Those are the people who change my mind about the country and my treatment to it.

February 5 - 5th of February 2009

Peru. The first day. Birthday. I’m alone here but not lonely…

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In da police station - 4th of February 2009

I’m in the anti-drugs control department at Quito airport police station.

Feeling - 29th of January 2009

I wait, I feel, I’ll know it soon...

Galapagos Islands - 26th of January 2009

Touch down Galapagos Islands! I came to Baltra Island from Quito and then took a ferryboat to St. Cruse (I guess :) ).

Crossing the Equator - 23rd of January 2009

I moved to the continent and crossed the equator. I never thought it could be freezing on the equator!

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Panama - 21st of January 2009

I left the Island. Can anybody tell me why I love Cuba so much??? I have a feeling that all the experiences I have here lead me to become its hater…

Got sick - 19th of January 2009

So far I learned new Spanish words: emergencia, fevor, aspirina…
Well, that happened because I unexpectedly felt very sick couple of days ago.

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Internet - 15th of January 2009

You guys keep reproaching me for lack of posts and pictures. Come on! Did you guys better know that each time I want to get online I have to pass through the following stuff?