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Crossing the Equator

23rd of January 2009

Location: Quito, Ecuador
Mood: Im sick and tired of rain and clouds

I moved to the continent and crossed the equator. I never thought it could be freezing on the equator!

I have already spent several days in Quito. My biggest discovery was the fact it’s not always hot on the equator!!! For example, I feel cold under a blanket while typing this post!
It’s rainy and cloudy every day here. I was told that actually clouds were always here. Sometimes the clouds are UNDER the level of the city since Quito is located 3000 meters above the sea. I’m really bothered by the weather so I’ll try to buy tickets and fly to Galapagos islands tomorrow. That’s it. No motivation to write anything more because of the weather so enjoy the picture :)

I reached the middle of the World! :)

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
Thanks for the nice symbolic picture.
The best of luck!