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15th of January 2009

Location: La Habana, calle Crespo
Mood: tired but kinda happy

You guys keep reproaching me for lack of posts and pictures. Come on! Did you guys better know that each time I want to get online I have to pass through the following stuff?

1) Hotel Florida is the only one place in the whole Habana where I can get internet connection. So I have to walk 30 minutes to get there and connect my laptop.
2) Then I have to wait a line for… nah, not a computer but a chair!

After I ask for a cable and wait for a reply I get “no possible”
3) Then I have to use rude language with a dude working there. He usually tells me “no possible senor” and I usually point him to the other connected computers.
4) Then he starts to dial someone and asks to wait. My suggestion to copy the settings from the other computers is ignored…
5) Then another muchacho comes and starts to connect my notebook…
6)Then it appears that he has never ever before seen Macintosh… So I have to input the settings myself. Of course, internet doesn’t work after my interference… The muchacho throws up his hands and says: “umm… I don’t know. You can come manana por la manana”…
7) At once another muchacho realizes that they forgot to plug the cable to the hub.

8) Then I get an information message that the IP address has already been used. I suggest them to change the IP address but the guys insist on 166 and no other value :)

 9) Then they ask me to wait for something..
10) So I wait…
11) Hallelujah! My email application started synchronization! I thank Saint Magdalena and St. Peter and try to go to my website and add blog post.
12) After 10th attempt I finally upload blog post and send email. ICQ doesn’t work. Connection speed is provided via dial-up shared with several other computers.
13) When I finish my work, the muchacho comes to me and tells me to delete the settings from the notebook. I question him for the necessity of that action since I’m going to visit them again next day. However, the guy insists on deletion anyways.
14) Then I pay 6 euros for 1 hour of internet usage and 1 more euro for laptop connection service.

Next day starts from step 1 :)

I’m just curious: how many steps would you achieve :)))?

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