Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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29th of January 2009

Location: Isabella island, casa arriba, de Beto
Music: music of waves
Mood: anticipating something

I wait, I feel, I’ll know it soon...

Today, on January 29, 2009, something BIG happened… And I guess, that was something really important, something that will affect my future life. Maybe it’ll happen next to me, maybe it’ll happen on a completely different planet… Maybe it’ll happen with a person whom I’ve known for a long time or the one I haven’t met yet… There are lots of unknown circumstances but I know for sure that I’ll remember this day someday in future…

I’m leaving tomorrow but I’ll be back. Con Ella....

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