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11th of February 2009

Location: Lima, Peru
Music: nada
Mood: like after 15 km walk in desert...

Damn, I don’t have enough time to write new posts :( Currently, each day is filled with something amazing. I can write complete books about each of them…

Here’s a question for you, my followers: would you prefer rare long posts or frequent short ones :)? What is more interesting: facts about a country and so on or my personal feelings about the places and experience? What kind of information would you like to get?

Couple more words about Lima. First, local Indians are much more beautiful than Quechua :). Lima is a very large modern city in the Pacific ocean… It even reminds me California… It’s warm and just nice here :) Prices are higher than in Quito, but they aren’t killing :) I live in a hostel here :)
I decided to buy some new clothes since my flip flops were broken to parts in jungles and my jeans were just nothing :) I simply look like a homeless guy :)
I found a shoe repair service where I fixed my stuff for $1 :) I spent $5 to make a haircut in a very luxury salon:))))
Oh, I also bought a new charger for my Nikon since I lost one! I was lucky to find it here because I’d probably be left without pictures in Pampas. Damn, I actually don’t like the sequence… I lost my charger, forgot my headphones in Quito… That’s peculiar for me…
I became careful after I lost all my CDs in a bus to Berlin (Hi Djude:)). I even have my personal rituals :). For example, I make some kind of small sacrifices in order to ask for luck from the Gods of Road :) That can be half-tube of toothpaste left in a hotel… I realized that places love to save some stuff from you… I didn’t do that before so I guess charger was the price I payed… Yeah, this sounds stupid but I bet you guys will believe in even more weird stuff during a long journey :)

I decided to get Bolivian visa in Lima since I was sick and tired of the troubles in airports… I went to the Bolivian embassy where I was given a list of required documents for a visa… Well, I do have a thick document folder, except one paper(… Bolivians want the certificate of vaccination from malaria and other kinds of diseases… I wanted to avoid it by saying that I have an allergy for vaccines. Then the consul leaved me for awhile. When he came back he asked for the proof of allergy. Damn. That really pissed me off and I told him that I could get into much more complicated countries (FYI: Bolivia is the poorest country of the continent).
I’ll try to pass the border in the region of Puno. If I can’t do that I’ll find “the right” Indian with a boat to pass Titicaca lake towards Bolivian coast.

Okay guys… I really want to go to bed since I haven’t slept for almost two days :) I’m going to the jungle tomorrow! I actually had an impressive change of surrounding area: desert, mountains, Pacific ocean and the jungles of Amazon :)

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