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21st of January 2009

Location: Panama, Tocumen
Music: la ultima llamada y otro bla-bla-bla
Mood: back on the road
This day in: 2011

I left the Island. Can anybody tell me why I love Cuba so much??? I have a feeling that all the experiences I have here lead me to become its hater…

First, they didn’t want to let me have my flight to Quito since I didn’t have a return flight. Negotiations were ineffective. As a result, I have to buy a ticket from Quito to Lima. The funny part is that I have no idea where the hell is Lima… I only know that it’s somewhere in Peru :) They robbed me of $600 for the ticket!!! It would be much cheaper if I bought it in Equador!
In the previous countries, I could persuade people to let me fly wherever I wanted but negotiations are hard in the country of socialism. Buy the ticket, no options…
Humm… According to the map I have no reason to fly to Lima! I need to get to Puna through Guacile but not Lima! Okay, I’ll try to do something when I reach there. Urghh!! They really made me upset! From now I’ll make fake e-tickets!

I asked the flight attendant to let me sit in the front seat since it was unoccupied but the lady refused. I asked for the reason and got the reply which literally sounded like the following:  "It will be easier to identify bodies when people are on the assigned seats in case the aircraft falls.”

No more questions :)

My love for Cuba is like the one for a girl… who has parties with other guys making me feel pain… but whom I still love for some reason….

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