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Got sick

19th of January 2009

Location: la Habana, Cuba
Music: voices outside the window
Mood: it's better now

So far I learned new Spanish words: emergencia, fevor, aspirina…
Well, that happened because I unexpectedly felt very sick couple of days ago.

It was cool on Friday when Mark and me had a dinner together and met 2 girls for a photo session to be held next day. I was supposed to take a shoot and Mark was expected to take pictures of me during the process. Oh yes, Mark is the photographer from Belgium whom I met a couple days ago.

I came home and went to bed. However I woke up because of a stupid pain. I could not sleep till the very morning since my head and body hurted too badly. I didn’t have any medicines since all of them were stolen in the airport. I tried to take off the headache with the help of meditation I learned in India but the pain was so bad that I was powerless. By the morning I started to blame those people who stole my first aid kit and the whole trip itself. I understood that there was no point to hope for a medical assistance. All I could do was to wait, suffer the pain and hope to fall asleep in order to forget the pain for a while.

I felt cold and then I had a fever. I took cover with a sheet, a blanket, a towel and my jacket but I still felt terribly cold. I guess, there’s nothing worse than getting sick in a foreign country when your significant people are very far from you… And you know, understanding of this simple truth made me feel even worse…

Mark came in the morning. It was clear that there won't be any shoot. Mark had different medicines and he shared them with me. During the day he visited me several times. I have to confess that I was really surprised! That was a person whom I saw for the second time in my life! He informed my host family, who simultaneously started trying to help me (they didn’t know about my situation). The senora made me hot tea and found aspirin.

The second night was much better. I could sleep. I felt very bad the next morning but at least it was better than the day before.  Mark came again and asked if I needed anything more since he had to leave in the afternoon. We said goodbye to each other and I literally felt that the guy leaving me was my FRIEND.

The whole day I was hungry. I couldn’t eat the food made by senora Elisabeth since I was tired of local food. I gathered all my strength and went outside to buy Maggi soup nearby the house. That Maggi was a delicacy I had never tried before :) That Maggi led me to salvation :)

Now I feel much better. I even could watch a movie and write this post. Oh yeah, now I want a bar of Snickers or Mars sooo bad...
Here’s another supporting argument to my thesis that time passes much faster in a journey: the usual 1-week-minimum illness passed here in 2-3 days…

I have one not so wonderful characteristic, which is excessive independence. I got used to do everything and handle my problems myself. I will never ask for help until I reach “no way” point. Specifically, I’d probably suffer the pain and fever without asking for help if Mark didn’t come to me. I guess, this is not the right way...

Разместить в ЖЖ

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
My dear friend,
It's too bad to feel such self-sufficiency or overconfidence, especially in another country among strangers. Take care.