Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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- 31st of March 2009

I have a feeling I worked hard the whole week and made it survived till Friday. The only thing I have now is the upcoming weekend! No, that should be like this: upcoming WEEKEND!!! YESSSSSS!!! Aeeeeee!!! :)

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Paraguay - 27th of March 2009

I met a girl from Myanmar in the Paraguayan consulate in Brazil. .

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Flight 1996 - 25th of March 2009

Can you go against your fate?

Without laguage - 20th of March 2009

Cherchez la femme...

On Evo Morales lands - 19th of March 2009

Bolivian notes. The way I illegally danced crossed the border with clowns and then surrendered to bodies. The holy lake of Titicaca. The island of Sun. La Paz.

113th day of my journey - 18th of March 2009

I'm so tired...

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Guess what - 16th of March 2009

Guess where and how this picture was taken...

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Other Side - 13th of March 2009

Dedicated to the people who believe I’m hanging out and having a good time here. It’s also dedicated to the ones who want to sell his/her kidney/apartment/business to go around the world alone but have never been to other places except Egyptian and Turkish all-inclusives.

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Movie Night - 4th of March 2009

An interesting fact: I completely changed my relation to some stuff during last couple weeks.

Andean express - 3rd of March 2009

Here’s the story Viter spent his day in the company of factories', newspapers and steamers owners.

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City in the Sky - 3rd of March 2009

The second meeting with the lost Machu Picchu city.

Wind in my hair - 24th of February 2009

10 kilometers of night desert walk… South Cross above my head… The moon… The worship to the Sun… Downhill from the top.

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The mystery of Nazca desert. The flight. - 21st of February 2009

The flight above mysterious Nazca Lines. I want to believe.

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Ayahuasca. The deep descend. - 19th of February 2009

The toughest adventure in my whole life. The person who went to the journey is not back. There’s a New one.

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