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Flight 1996

25th of March 2009

Location: Iguassu, Brazil
Music: Ill be a wind and live on your roof when I die
Mood: thankful

Can you go against your fate?

I took a flight from Rio to Iguassu on the Argentinean border. I was planning to pass the checkpoint there. I bought flight tickets but then I realized there were two cities with the same name. One of them was in Brazil, and the other was in Argentina. Well, that would not matter if I had Argentinean visa… And I also didn’t want to have a hard talk with Argentinean frontier guard…

I left my American hostel in the morning, went to the road and took a cab. I asked the amigo to bring me to the airport. The driver simultaneously asked me “Which one?”… Me: “eeemmmm… are there two of them???” Driver: “yes”. Honestly, I was lost. Once I had a chance to be stupid in Cairo the same way… I said I didn’t know… The driver asked the name of my airlines but that didn’t help. Then I asked him to drive me to Galyon (the place of my arrival)… While we were on our way I understood that we were being late because of heavy traffic… Moreover, I clearly understood that I wouldn’t have enough time to get to the second airport… That was a very interesting situation since I didn’t know the airport and the country I was going to… I even decided to be more organized :) Well, I found my chances to be 50/50! So keep rolling! ©

I got the right airport and actually I was on time! Yesss!!! You should see the face of the lady at the counter when I asked her the name of the country I was flying to :))))))))!!!!
I passed the check and waited for the flight… Then I realized that it was the time for the flight but the boarding had not started… WTF? I started to run around and ask the people WTF. It happened that they changed the gate and made announcement in Portuguese, which was unfamiliar to me… Okay, I’m on board… I had a connection in Sao Paulo but the airline lady at the counter told me I didn’t have to change the plane… Soooo I simply sat on my seat when everybody else left the airplane in Sao Paulo :) I found it strange to be alone in the plane so I asked the flight attendant WTF. Of course, she told me to change the plane… Then I ran to another aircraft and took a seat there. I hoped that was the end of my adventures, and I could take a rest…


I was staring at tiny houses under our airplane through its window and drinking orange juice while the aircraft prepared to land. There were couple meters to the ground when the aircraft roared and started to ascend… That was so sudden that I fu was surprised :) We started to ascend and flew towards the jungles beyond the city… We found it to be a weird prank… The aircraft started to make turns when we got jungles and this made me sick… The captain said something in Portuguese, and the passengers became stressed… I was thinking on the rationale beyond his actions… I guessed he was shaking out the chassis (I heard about such case). So we were making rounds above the jungles… All kinds of thoughts came to my mind. First: the dispatch deliberately directed us to the jungles so that we wouldn’t crash on houses”… Second: “It will be easier to identify my body since I’m on my seat”… then I sorted out the whole chain of morning events and realized that I was not supposed to be on that plane (!)(!)(!)

Think about this:

1) I could be late to the airport since there was a heavy traffic, and I took a cab too late
2) I could be at the wrong airport
3) I could be denied for boarding if that was the Argentinean side
4) I could miss the flight because of gate change
5) I could miss my connection flight in Sao Paulo

Moreover, some of the events were completely strange… For instance, that was the FIRST (!) time of my whole journey when my gate was changed (!)

Some time later (I treated it to be very long) we made a few more rounds and flew back to the runway… I fastened my seat belt tight and took off my shades in order to avoid eye cuts when we started to descend… I saw ambulances and fire trucks (!!!) when we were close to the ground… I finally thought that was the moment of truth… I remembered the case when a woman survived by riding the plane wing… They say you can see your whole life in such cases… Hell no! I didn’t have anything similar. My mind was clear and sober… I actually was thinking to grouping, screw up my eyes, bend, and press my hands to head in the case of hit…

When there were couple meters to the ground a chicken voice inside of me shouted: “No! That’s not the time! Not now!!!”. I begged the Ones in the sky to make everything be good for me and for the people next to me in the airplane…

Fire brigades were not necessary. We landed.

P.S. What would happen to the airplane if I wasn’t there?..

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