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The mystery of Nazca desert. The flight.

21st of February 2009

Location: the capital of Incas
Mood: those who watch the stars from the other side

The flight above mysterious Nazca Lines. I want to believe.

Nazca is one more top desired place to visit. Take a 7-hour bus trip from Lima on a Pan-American highway and you’ll get to one of the most mysterious places of the planet!

Nazca! I don’t even remember the first time I heard about it. However, I do remember that I have wanted to see it for ages in order to feel its force and enigma. What’s so interesting there? Well, there are huge drawings on the desert of Nazca. The point is that you can see them only from the altitude!!! Those aren’t just figures. Lines are drawn according to the different geometry rules. The scientists have tried to figure out the way and the reason for the before-Incas culture who made those huge lines.

I arrived to Nazca at night. The first thing I asked was about the flight above the lines. They charged me $70 but I rejected the offer since the Indian guy at Bolivian embassy told me the price should be $50 max. I decided to go to the airfield myself the next morning.

I was very surprised to see lots of old school American cars of 70-ies. Daaaamn!!! Each time I saw an oldie Mustang or a Pontiac I cried like a baby because I couldn’t take them with me :).
The cab driver brought me to the company called “Aero Paracas”. The senora asked me to wait in the beginning but then she made a call somewhere and told me to go to the 6th hangar. I had to find Alejandro who should “arrange everything”.

When I arrived to the airfield, Alejandro was already waiting for me. There were 4 people and they needed one more for the flight.

I paid my $50, got seated in a tiny airplane and………

My heart almost dropped as soon as I took on the headphones and heard “Nazca, Nazca” call letters! I hardly could hold myself from screaming out all the crazy feelings I had when Alejandro started the engine and the tap screw twisted in front of me! The moment when the airplane reached the necessary speed to take off… oh, now I know what Exupery and Bach felt!!! Damn!!! That was so awesome! The naïve childish smile appeared on my face and I began to stare around myself! I saw the Earth the same way the Wright brothers and birds saw it! I heard the sounds of ether in my headphones and that was enough to feel like a pilot!!! I took off the earth and flew! No, not like this… I DID FLY!!!

I had dozens of thoughts in my head at that moment: “am I the only guy freaking out here?” or even “Hell yeah! I’ll stay here! I’ll learn how to fly and WILL FLY!”

I didn’t mention the first figure when we approached it… Alejandro made a turn and made a shout of joy with simultaneous pointing down! I strained my eyes and finally I saw it!!! There was a huge elongated triangle on the surface… I’m not good at engineering stuff at airfield construction but I’m pretty sure it was some sort of pointer… The only question was about the address of the index…

So we flew further… My eyes got used to recognizing handmade lines on the desert landscapes without any efforts… Here’s humming-bird figure… Here’s a condor… Here’s a monkey… There’s a tree with its roots… I was only breaking my mind to find an answer for the following question: “What was the goal of Indians to draw these huge lines on earth thousands of years ago, keeping in mind they were seen only from the sky???” What kind of aliens they tried to talk to?..

Alejandro made one more turn and pointed at a cliff… I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was a figure of an astronaut on the huge cliff!!! It looks like a message “we welcome you our far away guests!”… Damn! That welcoming label was seen by “something” else… Well, maybe… thousand years ago it welcomed strangers from distant galaxies… Daaamn! I want to believe.... f*ck! I DO BELIEVE!!!

I felt dizzy after Alejandro made all the turns… I looked at Finnish lady next to me and noticed that she was freaked out of fear or all of the tricks… As soon as we landed she said we all were going to die and she felt very bad…

I said goodbye to Alejandro and shook the hand of the Pilot. He was a true person… That handshake and the flight will always be in my memories until the end of my days, or even further…

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Eka, Khmelnitskiy
f*ck! I DO BELIEVE!!!

Mark, Belgium
He, nice pictures!!, i hope in the future, you can add little comment also in english, is more easy to read, hehe. If you happen to go to Arequipa, you can call a friend of mine, she will maybe happy to meet you. Just tell her, you know me. Well, it was actually my ex girlfriend. Well, have fun and give her my regards if you meet her.
And have to be careful on your travels!