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Andean express

3rd of March 2009

Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Music: Hes being lead
Mood: My Way...

Here’s the story Viter spent his day in the company of factories', newspapers and steamers owners.

Our traveler left Cusco and went to Puno at Titicaca lake. He was planning to cross Bolivian border there. The bus ride takes about 10 hours. The 10 hour mountain ride perspective didn’t make me happy since after 5 hours I was fucked up completely exhausted :) That’s why I was glad to realize there was a train. I was not stopped by the fact that was a luxury type train and the price was incomparable to a flight fare. Badass people don’t give a fuck on money I couldn’t reject the joy of a train ride since I love them.

I was in the station with all the backpacks on my neck 3 minutes before the train went. Even running so fast I could notice a pretty decent waiting room there. The first thing that got my attention were the conductors who did not look like average Indians on a local street. All of them were slim, tall and looking like officers from Titanic movie :) Seems they made castings on the whole land of Peru to find those guys :) After I found my seat in the train wagon looking like an expensive restaurant I realized that I was only one guy travelling alone. Moreover, I found myself to be the youngest passenger :) There were not so many passengers who mainly were Europeans. I was willing to take a nap as soon as the train would go. However I heard an invitation to the other wagon where they gave free drinks told the history of Peru culture, so I went there. The wagon was called Observatory and it was almost entirely made of glass except for the rear area, which was fully uncovered.

Some time later they offered to get drunk to try out the vodka of Peru called pisco. That was the most pleasant part of the trip :) They also organized a fashion show there. There was one old European woman who was hammered in a good mood to start her defile and fall on the tables from time to time :) Then the Indians started to sing their songs and blow their pipers so that there was a wonderful atmosphere… I made a decision: when I’ll be grown up rich I’ll always take gypsies and who dancing ladies in my trips :) It’s much more fun to travel with them :)

So that was the trip itself: Indians were blowing pipes; waitresses gave drinks and the road was passing by…

Most of the way I spent in the uncovered rear area. Its kinda interesting to stand there, look downwards and watch the rails running away… Mountains are on the both sides… Wind trifles your hair… Sun is shining… Herds of lamas and alpacas feed on the mountain hills and flamingo flocks are in the lakes…
The train is pretty slow… When we go through another village the locals show their asses cheerfully greets us…
Here’s a grimy shepherd who breaks away from his lamas and waives his tiny hand… or an old Indian who uncrosses his work-worn back, smiles with his toothless mouth, raises his black earth painted open palm and waives it from his garden…Your hand automatically goes up and starts to be waived… Guys, there’s no other way, right? A Person welcomes you as a foreign on his land… there’s no other way… That’s why the smile appears without any efforts…

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Roman, Austria
Das ist fantastisch !!!