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31st of March 2009

Location: Brasilia
Mood: Thanks God it's Friday!!!!

I have a feeling I worked hard the whole week and made it survived till Friday. The only thing I have now is the upcoming weekend! No, that should be like this: upcoming WEEKEND!!! YESSSSSS!!! Aeeeeee!!! :)

Hooray! The next couple days I won’t have to wake up at 5 a.m.! I won’t have any planes, night bus rides, checkpoints and hostels with snoring black guys! Since I have a weekend I won’t write anything about my adventures :)))) At least today :)

I can sleep as long as I want tomorrow!!! There’s a shower with hot water (!) in my room, so I won’t have to search all the 6 floors of the hostel to find an unoccupied bathroom :))) Well, there’s pretty high cost for that. I checked about 15 hotels yesterday to find the one cheaper than $100/night with internet connection… I’ll feel myself a civilized person tomorrow :)

I simply lay on my bed, lazily reply emails, read the book written and sent couple days ago by my friend…
There’s an episode in an operating room… It reminded me of a situation I once had…

Couple years ago I was having the first of the tree upcoming operations. Well, that actually was the thing preceding an operation… They gave me necessary drugs for full anesthesia operations… I was on the couch enjoying the drugs and watching the surgeons putting on their gloves and so on… One of them said: “I’m ready”. Second: “I’m ready”. Third: “I’m ready too”.

I felt something went wrong :) and said: “Yo! Wait, I'M not ready!!!” :)))
They stared at me like “WTF are you still awake? We are down to cut you here! Where the fuck is the anesthesiologist???” :))))

Learn to trust your instincts! That’s it, gone to sleep....

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