Life. People. Journey.
Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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In the ocean's heart part 2
- 30th of December 2009

We run away from the yacht.

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In the ocean's heart - 26th of December 2009

We found a job in a cruise yacht on Galapagos islands.

Bogota: stay on the run - 20th of December 2009

I came back to South America. I’m back to the place without mobile service coverage. I’m back to the place of jungles, beaches, mountains and homesick mood…

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Dreams - 13th of December 2009

Challenging definitions of a dream. Challenge the dream .

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Egypt my Egypt - 23rd of November 2009

The sun again! The blue sky again! Again the sea from one side and the desert from the other one! I’m home again!

Among my friends - 22nd of November 2009

The most precious thing in this life is the friends. The most interesting thing is new meetings. I met my friends after my around the world trip. Here’s the report.

TV record + radio broadcast - 21st of November 2009

Here’s the TV record from K1 channel. Plus here’s the broadcast of Mayak radiostation where I told about my around the world trip.

Autumn in Moscow - 23rd of September 2009

That’ll be my first autumn in Moscow. I have pretty a intense program. I’m having radio broadcast tomorrow and several lectures during the whole week.

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Movie: Under the sheltering sky - 4th of September 2009

Recently I watched long time wanted Bertolucci’s “Under the Sheltering Sky” movie.

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Arma. The report. - 29th of August 2009

Lecture on Arma. Sharing the impressions.

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Performance on Arma - 24th of August 2009

Hey you! Who wanted to meet me but didn’t have time for that? :)

August 15 - 15th of August 2009

…to fall being burned by the star called Sun…

August. Moscow! - 8th of August 2009

All the people go to the seaside and wild beaches in summer while I go to the civilization of Moscow :)) I love that city.

Exhibition in Kiev and Odessa - 8th of August 2009

It’s been a long time since I wrote something in my diary. I almost forgot the way to do it! Well, that’s not a problem :) I want to share some news with you. In particular, today my photo exhibition has started in two cities simultaneously: Kiev and Odessa!