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Bogota: stay on the run

20th of December 2009

Location: BOG
Music: gentle Spanish around me
Mood: the one after trans Atlantic flight
This day in: 2011

I came back to South America. I’m back to the place without mobile service coverage. I’m back to the place of jungles, beaches, mountains and homesick mood…

Yesterday I was frozen the best man at my friend’s wedding in Kiev. On the same night I took a flight to Paris and further to Bogota. Next stop is more unrealized dreams :))) Here’s Russian expression: “when you go from a ship straight to the ball” :). By the way, this trip is differentiated from the previous ones by my companion. That’s my friend who is a cameraman from Moscow. The poor guy carriers huge back pack full of all kinds of video equipment. We’ll make tons of shoots for TV. I’ll try to run a video blog of our adventures.

It’s only the start of the journey but I’ve already was able to find amazing experience. We need to take a boarding card to Quito in Bogota. To make that happen we need to pass immigration control… The tricky part is the absence of visa :)

No passaran!

Разместить в ЖЖ

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