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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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13th of December 2009

Location: Khmelnitsky
Mood: Its the first time Ive seen snow for the last couple years!!!!!!!!!!
This day in: 2010

Challenging definitions of a dream. Challenge the dream .

Recently I came on a list of the things that should be done in life… That was a lazy evening when I just spent time web surfing at home…  The list made me lost in thoughts…
I realized that I’ve already realized an impressive part of the list… It took me couple more minutes to come up with an amazing idea: “why don’t I realize the second part of the list?..

A man is the one who keeps his word. I’m leaving in couple days to South America for gold mining. I’ll exercise some more bullets there :)

What would you like to do before you take your last journey?

Here’s the list I was inspired by. Please, send me your ideas, and I’ll include them to my TO DO list :)
visit Olympic games
go skydiving
buy handmade portrait of yourself and give it as a long memory gift to your relatives
watch the start of a rocket
play in a movie
tell a priest the story of whole your life without dropping any detail
swim with dolphins
write a poem, a story, a picture about something kept inside for long time
climb the top of a mounting and shout out “I feel you” song (the whole song)
have a bath in a waterfall
sing or listen to a serenade under a window
feel zero gravity
make a date with a person you just met
have sex in a train
live in a Paris attic with an awesome view
do around the world journey
become space tourist
send a message in a bottle
cross a desert in a caravan
learnt to say “no” when you want to say “yes”
fall in love from the first sight
read a book in a boat in the middle of a lake all day long
drink beer on Octoberfest
cross all the US on a car
fall asleep outdoors under starry sky
hang out on Brazil carnival
grow up and harvest an orange garden
go diving in the region of reef Barrier
fly on a balloon (or hang-glider)
lose all the money and get into debt in Las Vegas (do they really think you don’t have to repay the debt?)
cross jungles on an elephant
visit Taj Mahal
watch the Egyptian pyramids
swim in the Dead sea
build a camp in a wildlife area and live there in a complete privacy
watch a tornado
catch a glowworm and put it in a jar
take a gondola sail in Venice
make a lecture
walk the Great wall
watch an opera in La Scala
win a teddy bear in a Paris shooting range
watch the loved city from the bird’s-eye view
meet a glance with Mona Lisa
visit all the 7 wonders of the world and find the 8th one
become blood donor
celebrate Christmas and New Year with parents
watch the sunrise at Victoria lake
make 1000 wishes during a perseid
watch all the parts of favorite TV series
read Paul Guimard’s “Rue de havre”
scratch your name on an iceberg
watch aurora
swim with turtles on Galapagos islands
feed a zebra from your hand
cross Alps
make a present of blue roses to your beloved one
make a present of bunch of balloons to a complete stranger
send paper letter to your childhood friend
cross an ocean on a ship
visit equator
go fishing on Amazon
visit the Cape of Good Hope
walk to Machu Picchu

walk the “Death Road”
give away all your money to a beggar
ask for a night in a foreign country. For example in a monastery
go safari in national parks of Tansania
drink beer in a hot spring in Island
reach the roof of Sagrada Familia
make a wish at Iguassu waterfall
make a snowman at North Pole
research Bosch’s “Earthly pleasures garden” picture
refresh your inner man by a Thai grasshopper
watch Don Juan in a dream and make a handshake with him
get married on Jamaica
hijack a car and reach god-damn Las Vegas
go to the Top of the World, the Axis of the Earth – Kailash!
take part in Paris marathon
visit Nepal and conquer Everest
learn Persian
read “100 years of loneliness” in the original edit
break through jungles with a machete
buy a yacht and make around the world trip under the sail
spend one year in Tibet
go for treasures hunt
watch sunrise on the top of a mountain

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