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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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In the ocean's heart

26th of December 2009

Location: Plaza Foach, Quito
Music: The Clouds In Camarillo
Mood: towards the islands in the Ocean

We found a job in a cruise yacht on Galapagos islands. I’m going to Baltra in several hours. Then I have to get to Santa Cruse island and find Sulidae beauty yacht. We were told to report to the captain on our arrival in the evening. The same night the yacht will take its course to Fernandina island.

P.S. We took tons of precious material. Unfortunately, I don’t have any force to make cut and post it here :( Here are couple pictures made yesterday.

Equator bitch

Разместить в ЖЖ

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