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In the ocean's heart part 2

30th of December 2009

Location: Galapagos Islands

We run away from the yacht.
We almost died of the tossing since we had thrown up for two days. We finally became good friends with cameraman when he threw up from one side and I was doing the same on the other one. 
Police officers took us for taking a shot in a national park without permission. They took all of our material and started a file on us. After they watched the material they started another file. We were witnesses in the second one. The yacht we were throwing up from was illegal one. They actually had hunted for it for a long time.
There are no return tickets to Quito.
Happy new year!

Разместить в ЖЖ

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
Oh, mine Got!
Keep trying to get rid of all these problems in the New Year. God bless you!

Viktoria, Köln
Viel Erfolg im Neues Jahr!!!

Дмитрий, Sevastopol
Thank u for doing such a cool thing :)