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Arma. The report.

29th of August 2009

Location: Tverskaya street
Music: tick-tock
Mood: hangover

Lecture on Arma. Sharing the impressions.

I missed my stop on my way from the lecture… I simply passed away since I sacrificed all my energy to the public :)
It was difficult to talk in the morning after 3-hour broadcasting :)))

Anyways, I’m open to the comments of the attended people. I’d like to hear your thoughts on strengths and weaknesses. By the way, you can ask the questions I didn’t have time to answer yesterday.

I’ll post pictures and the video of the event a bit later. By the way, people who couldn’t make it be there yesterday! Don’t worry since I’ve been already invited to perform in 2 new places. I’ll put you in a VIP list :)))

P.S. That was my first ever performance for such big public :) When I got into the territory of Arma I remembered Lenin who also started his way from factories :))))

UPDATE: Pictures

There were 150 in da club. The early birds took the comfortable colorful sacks :)

The late ones had to sit on steps or even stand :)

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Mark, Brussels
Nice pictures. You give lectures for schools? Amazing!