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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Rubles? Dollars? Euros???
- 16th of October 2008

Many people around the world are breaking their mind in order to answer the question of wealth and saving in the current conditions of instability and financial crisis. What should be done in order to save your earned money (not gifted to you by someone or luckily found on a street)?

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Places I lived at - 9th of October 2008

I was digging my old archives and found several nice photos today. I actually made an interesting collection using them :)

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Playboy - 2nd of October 2008

Tell me type of Playboy you are reading and I’ll tell you who you are :)

About tomatoes - 16th of September 2008

I bet all of you have bought fresh tomatoes in markets. All of them are beautiful, red and smooth. All of them are as one and all of them are very attractive. However when you bring them home and try them you realize that it is impossible to eat them because they have a plastic taste.

Leaving - 22nd of August 2008

I’m leaving Moscow tomorrow. During the time spent here many interesting things happened to me: shootings, meetings with friends whom I haven’t seen for a year, meeting new people.

August heat - 15th of August 2008

Probably there are only a few people who remember what day is today. I’ll go to Tsoi’s wall on Arbat today in the evening. This is the only poet who’s all songs I've learned by heart…

In the rhythm of big city - 9th of July 2008

I’m in Moscow. The city greeted me with cold blowing wind, troubles with accommodation, traffic jams and noises of a big city.

Road. Moscow. - 4th of July 2008

I found my way which I followed and gained happiness on… This phrase has been in my mind for the whole day…

Before-After - 27th of June 2008

I’m bored to hear comments from different people like “that’s probably super-duper model. That’s why she has such nice photos. However, I am a simple girl so I can’t similar”. I decided to make a separate post and provide so called “case studies” in order to make you, beautiful girls, believe that each of you can be a model or even better :)

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Wind from Cambodia - 20th of June 2008

Even though I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve saved tons of photos after each trip, I have very few photos of myself. So I decided to fix this problem and keep something for history :)

Ernesto's birthday - 14th of June 2008

This is the man who always inspired me. See you Forever Commandante.

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If you want... - 13th of June 2008

I like to talk and work with different people. If you want to work with me in any role or simply to talk with me – write me or call me.

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Viter. Photo - 13th of June 2008

If you really like my photos and you’re really interested in my activities in this field then you’d probably like to know the following:

The first. - 13th of June 2008

This is the first ever post in the first ever blog in my life. It’s kind of weird for a guy who spends tons of his time online. Actually, it’s a bit frustrating for me to express my thoughts through the website without having a bottle of beer or a cup of tea or simply sitting with a hookah.

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