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Rubles? Dollars? Euros???

16th of October 2008

Music: ATB, You're not Alone
Mood: philosophical

Many people around the world are breaking their mind in order to answer the question of wealth and saving in the current conditions of instability and financial crisis. What should be done in order to save your earned money (not gifted to you by someone or luckily found on a street)?

Dollars? The United States has lots of problems nowadays… Seems they will start to solve them by printing more bills…
Euros? Seems like a better option but still not an exciting one.
Rubles? Hrivnas? Nepal rupees and Uruguayan escudo? Native governments are usually the first in line who would like to take advantage of you to improve their own situation.
Real estate? That would had worked at least 5 years ago :)
Gold? Totally unclear option...
Securities? In current situation it sounds like a joke :)
Own business? Not bad choice. However you need to be good at something and have plenty of time in order to run it.
Art? You should be reaaaally good at it...
Save under your bed? Inflation will gobble it...

So, what can be done? Here are the advices from a person with several degrees (including Economics) :)

Spend your money at something that will bring you emotions. Buy something you always wanted to have but couldn’t afford it. Or spend it on learning something from somebody. Or, for instance, if you always wanted to see Paris (sorry for banality) – do it! :) Visit its tiny streets that were historically walked by great people. Spend the money for your hobby without greed. Buy a new toy – binoculars-telephone-notebook-automobile-yacht!
Give your loved one a dinner or holiday for kids! Make a gift to your parents with something you planned long time ago but could’t afford.
Anything you want! Only if it can make you smile and feel happy.

Convert your savings into emotions and memories!


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Roman, Austria
Ja, das is richtig, hab nichts dazu etwas sagen...


lilith, Berlin

nagora, Khmelnitsky
Absolutely right. Money should be used in proper way not saved.